Kilgour Williams Capital and Sharestates will co-host the Short-Term Residential Mortgages discussion.  Kilgour Williams Capital is an active investor in consumer credit, while Sharestates is one of America’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors.

Allen Shayanfekr from Sharestates will provide valuable insight into how the pandemic has affected their real estate lending business, steps taken to mitigate risk, and the prognosis for real estate lending going as we emerge from the pandemic.  As a credit investor, Kilgour Williams Capital will provide further insight within the context of their particular real estate credit portfolio.


Sharestates offers investors direct access to real estate investments through their online marketplace – with typical net annualized returns between 8-12%. Borrowers can also gain access to capital at a competitive rate, closing a deal in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes through a bank. Each of their projects is thoroughly assessed with our 34-point scoring matrix – minimizing the risk to investors and the cost of capital to borrowers.


Allen Shayanfekr- Chief Executive Officer – Sharestates

Allen Shayanfekr, Esq. is the CEO and Co-founder of Sharestates. Allen is currently admitted to practice law in NY and CT. His legal expertise in securities law is paramount to Sharestates’ ability to promote and produce public and private offerings in a highly regulated space. Allen interacts regularly with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in addition to spearheading daily operations at Sharestates. Prior to launching Sharestates, Allen joined the Atlantis Organization as their National Title Producer and Account Executive, holding approximately 28 Producer’s licenses across the Country. Allen received his J.D. Magna Cum Laude from Touro Law Center where he graduated in the top 6% of his class and his B.A. in Political Science from New York University.

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